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Backlink 5000 WordPress sites accepting guest posts

Raja Vishnoi 

Sep 11, 2023
In the spirit of giving back to the community, here is a spreadsheet of WordPress-based websites that have been programmatically found to accept guest posts (via pattern matching, etc). The data is a by-product of a much larger project I've been working on, but I don't have a need for it, so here is a subset of 5000 entries for all forum users to use for whatever they wish.

The data given is as follows:

Domain, Title, Language, Guest Posts URL, Contact URL, Theme, Monetization

- the domain name
Title - extracted text from the domain's <title> tag
Language - extracted IETF language tag (eg. en-US for US English)
Guest Posts URL - URL identified with either guest post details or a list of guest posts
Contact URL - URL identified as a contact page/form
Theme - the WordPress theme used
Monetization - what monetization options the website uses

All the data is checked via scripting only - I haven't hand-checked them all! Some outliers may be present, and the freshness of the data is currently 30 days max at the time of posting. YMMV

What can you do with this data? Some ideas:

1) Enrich the data - Run the list through your favorite APIs to check for niche, traffic, RDs, domain age, and even 3rd party metrics if you really want.

2) Find sites in your niche, via either keywords in the domain or title tag (or an API as in the above example). Check out the guest post URL for these sites and see what the procedure/cost for a guest post is.

3) Find entries that are monetized via networks only inviting high-traffic websites and check out their ranking keywords to find any low-hanging fruits.

4) Blacklist the entire set of domains from your link-building prospects, as they're far too easy to identify as being a site that sells guest posts! :devil:


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