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Mar 10, 2022
Forums Terms& Rules
  1. Write only in English; thread structure should look good with appropriate picture (if require), description, and other necessary information.
  2. If you wish to earn by sharing, then you can use only a single layer of ad (short-link generator type of ads), but remember there shouldn't be a second adlayer, and the link should be valid with actual working content behind it. If you get caught doing over-smartness, your account will be banned permanently.
  3. Don't share any download links which give limited speed/require premium accounts to download. Recommended upload hosts are Google Drive,,, or any other which doesn't restrict download speed.
  4. While sharing licenses/premium accounts/logins/purchase codes etc., use the "... Insert - Spoiler" option, but make sure it doesn't violate any copyright issue.
  5. Don't behave with any one of the community members/moderator staff in the wrong manner, never take any abusive/insulting words; keep it clean.
  6. Do not submit any Content that you consider to be private or confidential.
  7. You agree not to use the forums to submit or link to any Content which is defamatory, religious, abusive, hateful, swear words, threatening, spam or spam-like, likely to offend, contains hacking, any cracks/patches (example: windows/MAC cracks, patches, etc and also includes things like Chrome Extensions.) of operating systems which violates Google copyright policy, pirated, adult or objectionable content, contains personal information of others, encourages unlawful activity, or otherwise violates any laws. You are entirely responsible for the content of, and any harm resulting from, that Content or your conduct.
  8. We may remove or modify any Content submitted at any time, with or without cause, with or without notice. Requests for Content to be removed or modified will be undertaken only at our discretion. We may terminate your access to all or any part of the forums at any time, with or without cause, with or without notice.
  9. Don't ever spam; this forum is in no way a place to promote your blog/website/forum/social media either directly or indirectly. Keep the core contents of your post to this forum only (We may put a temporary ban or permanent ban depending on spamming level). This also includes the content of PMs you send to other members.
  10. Don't post anything which is/are 100% identical/same with some existing content. So before posting, it's better to SEARCH to see if the content is already available or not. This condition doesn't apply to current expired cookies, accounts, logins, or outdated stuff. 100% duplicate content-based posts will be removed.
  11. Don't post any links to any 3rd party websites, forums, blogs (warez, cracks/patches, pirated content-based), especially one which requires registration. This rule doesn't apply to the "site review" forum.
  12. Every forum section may/may not have additional rules; please look in sticky notice content or announcement.
  13. Keep yourself away from making Duplicate Accounts for taking extra benefits, joining a promotion/giveaway multiple times, self-promotion by increasing reputation meter (likes, positive reviews on own products/threads/services, me-to-me discussion to increase post counts, etc.). If we find any, then the secondary or optional accounts may get banned with a warning alert to the primary account holder. This also applies to GIVEAWAY THREAD OWNERS/HOLDERS They must limit giveaways only to those who have been a member of The Advance Blog for at least 30 days by using the relevant hide tags to reduce spamming or chances of duplicate accounts that users make during such giveaways. Giveaway content should be included in the hide tags. PMs are NOT an acceptable way to distribute giveaway content. In addition, only those who have been members of The Advance Blog Forum for at least 30 days may start a giveaway thread.
  14. Upon violation of rules, a member will be warned first with 5 points; if the member reaches 10 points (2 times), the member's account will be permanently banned. This term (2 times) may not apply to those members who joined the forum very recently (a few mins/hours ago, or it's their first post starting with spamming, shits, promotion, any above violation). In such cases, the members may get permanent BAN instantly.
  15. Posting/Sharing of affiliate link/referral link will be considered only if the AFF/REF. ID is required to gain the offer/product/service (ex: only affiliate link will give less/discounted price to the buyer than the regular rate, or only that referral link is required to join a website/developer's site/avail service). MEANWHILE, MAKE SURE YOUR ID IS VALUABLE FOR THE REFERRED PERSON & SHOULD ACT DIFFERENTLY THAN A NORMAL PROCESS. POINT TO NOTE THAT AFFILIATE/REFERRAL LINKS SHOULDN'T BE USED/INCLUDED WITH ANY AD-SKIP URL SHORTENER. Note that a NON-PAYOUT-based link shortener (ex:, etc.) can be used to reduce ONLY the link length and NOT for ANOTHER PURPOSE.
    1. To make it simple to understand, your affiliate link should be a part of an affiliate program that belongs to the target service website and not a double or triple redirect from an ads link generator that contains the target service URL. Disguised short URLs that in many cases are harmful to the end user is prohibited. Only real affiliate links that belong to real affiliate programs on the target service are permitted.
    2. NOW! To use affiliate links, every member should be eligible with the following "Give back to the community first" conditions:
  16. REGARDING MAKING REQUEST: We have seen many old users (especially inactive due to only making requests/leech purpose) as well as new members (recently/just joined without any other activity on any other thread) creating "REQUEST THREAD/POST" asking for free stuff, and then mostly disappears till making another request in near future regardless of any participation in any thread or even a little introduction or any other contribution/sharing. Such junks are increasing rapidly day by day. So make things go smoother in line and to make the environment clean & worthy for actual contributors before making any request thread the following rules should be followed (Note: violation of any following rules may cause a warning to your profile/thread will be locked with or without mentioning reason (as obvious you've checked the "I agree to the terms and privacy policy." checkbox while joining the forum ;)) /your account may get banned based on circumstances.
  • Before making any "Request Thread" you must introduce yourself in the "Introductions sub-forum".
  • Your profile should be at least 2 hours old (from the time of account registration), it's mandatory not to just signup and then in the next minute create an introduction thread and then on the next minute create a Request thread. So be careful about this.
  • The User's profile post statistics page should not consist of more than 2 REQUEST THREAD sequentially, be good and act generously by taking time in participating in other running threads, appreciating the contributors, welcoming new members, etc. We have seen many users' profile only contains Request posts / Please update this / Please share this / New version released! please someone . . . etc etc etc (n) If we find such profile making only sequential requests (more than 2 sequentially) then that account would be considered as "Leeching rats" and such accounts may get a warning / temporary locked or even permanently BANNED based on circumstances.
  • While making a REQUEST THREAD Please make it clean and easy to understand for everyone with an official source link/reference link as well as an appropriate title from what forum members can have a clear understanding of what you are asking for actually.
  • Before making any REQUEST, please "SEARCH FOR ON FORUM" first, only if it doesn't exist = then create Request thread on it.
  • Don't even think of making a duplicate account For taking ultra benefit of making a request thread/post. . We may apply "NO MERCY" in such cases. Instant BAN !!
🍻🍻 RESPECT THE RULES & Contribute to the community.🍻🍻
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